Drifting through space

Drifting through space,
Surrounded by so many others,
We float, we suffocate,
We think we find purpose.

Any distraction is welcome
To take us away from the truth,
From the mundane nature
Of our everyday existence.

Why opt for a distraction
When we can surely grasp
The real, fulfilling, satisfactory,
Yet frightening reality?

To some, it is nothing
But a fleeting delusion.
A feverish figment of imagination.
A manic, psychotic affliction.

To me, it is a lifeline,
A terrifying and wondrous bliss.
A cold and piercing reality
Of finding myself through her.

Laugh at me, call me mad,
Discredit all of my beliefs.
Assume you know my thoughts
And my inner demons.

Despite all that, you will not
Destroy my longing to find
The uncomfortable reality,
The unflinching truth.

I will not relinquish my right
To assert my faith in love.
As simple as it may seem,
It is the truth you know as well.

However long our demons haunt us

However long our demons haunt us,
We wake up to resume the fight.
We drink the poison, turn the hourglass,
And hope with all our strength and might.

We hope one day that we will release
The truest self we have inside.
We hope one day that we will find bliss,
And yet we fear that it has died.

So, up we go and on we struggle
To make it through another day,
In constant dread of loss and trouble.
The demons scar us on the way.

We show ourselves with trepidation.
In agony, we fight our moods.
The muse that fills us with elation
Sometimes is kind, sometimes she broods.

This battle is not for the weakest.
The sensitive have died before.
We must by no chance be the meekest,
If we stand chance to win this war.

Cold as Snow

Cold as snow,
My senses start to melt,
When I think of you.

How have I come
To love so deeply?
I hope, I pray, I want it
Not to be a dream.

This has gone far
Beyond mere fantasy.
I am enveloped by a sense
Of warmth and comfort.

It is so rare for us, humans,
To find that true connection.
Something that grounds us
Always seems beyond our reach.

Somehow I have been brought
To this brilliant, miraculous place.
A world where our existence
Is intertwined with the Divine.

A blessing and a spell have been
Cast upon us.
Our realities and dreams
Have been blended together.

I neither want to wake up,
Nor ever to fall asleep.

Searching for a refuge…

Searching for a refuge…
It is in you, God, that
I find myself.

Your warmth is something
That keeps me alive.
It keeps me sane
In times of loneliness.

My obsessions dissipate
When I pray to you.
So oftentimes I feel uneasy…

There is no reason for my

I feel like I am not giving
You my full and true
Devotion when I feel afraid.

But I am or am almost
At complete peace
When I pray to you.