I thirst for you

I thirst for you.
I ache for you when you are not here.
Why is solitude so overwhelming?
Is it because every piece of me belongs
To you?

Yes, I often speak what others
Do not dare to whisper.
We go places and we hold hands
Where others would be shamed and

While others opt for comfort,
You and I remain vocal, even if distraught.
Not having you next to me
Takes away that voice.

I am plenty independent and have
Strength within me,
But I would still die for you.

We are unique, we are unmistakable.
We are God’s creations.
We will continue on for as long
As He wills us to.

Thus, my thirst is quenched
By having you in my life.


How difficult it is to breathe when
You know not what to do or say.
You wish that you had known before then
Whether to stay or run away.

Unconsciously you dream of roads that
You may have taken, but forgot.
You choke then on the words that you spat
Out when loosing faith in God.

For His is only love that matters.
You now compulsively seek Him.
The devil laughs and charms and flatters.
And sadness fills you to the brim.

However long this torment lasts and
However trying is your road,
You must not weep, must not be saddened.
You will have found your new abode.

My love story

We drifted purposelessly forward,
Not knowing how or what we did.
We played some games, sill pushing onward,
With neither hope, nor love, nor need.

How quickly did we turn around though.
I with a brief touch of your hand.
You still proceeded cool, like fresh snow.
But both, inside, we knew the end.

We knew that we would touch each other,
And, knowingly, we took the risk.
For once in life we did not bother
Be cautious with a touch so brisk.

And so the fire we ignited
For one and many years to come.
We were solidified, United.
We have proceeded thence as one.

Mind you, it was refined and subtle,
As it was centuries ago.
Not any human dared to muddle
Uniqueness of the fast and slow.

A punishment beyond just painful
Could have befallen on us both.
Our witnesses were, some, disdainful,
But we, in spite them, took an oath.

What came of it was not illusion,
For we still live it every day.
Our love – the ultimate conclusion
For what we did wish, hope, and pray.

A snow-cold paralysis

A snow-cold paralysis
Grips my heart and slowly
Suffocates me from
The neck down.

Stagnation and fear overwhelm
My usual state, which is
Intrinsically connected to

We drift apart, and I cannot help
But wonder if it is my fault.
I wish I could break free
From my apparent stupidity.

It is not my literal intellect
That I am questioning.
It is an emotional and practical
Intelligence that is under attack.

I want to give you my everything
In fact, you already have it all.
Nevertheless, so often lately
Do I feel like it is not enough.

I would like to think that,
Even if the world fell apart,
We would still have each other,
Unconditionally, truly, boundlessly.

The spark that lights the fire
Between us is still within our reach.
It is far too early to sound the
Alarms of dangerous annihilation
Of our love.

Yes, it is entirely my fault.
I have frozen myself and am not
Moving in the direction of regaining
My best or developing my future self.

Please accept this as my apology
And as hey another declaration of love.

The depths of my mind are preoccupied
And the very fibers of my soul are
Completely devoted to your presence
In my life.

Drifting through space

Drifting through space,
Surrounded by so many others,
We float, we suffocate,
We think we find purpose.

Any distraction is welcome
To take us away from the truth,
From the mundane nature
Of our everyday existence.

Why opt for a distraction
When we can surely grasp
The real, fulfilling, satisfactory,
Yet frightening reality?

To some, it is nothing
But a fleeting delusion.
A feverish figment of imagination.
A manic, psychotic affliction.

To me, it is a lifeline,
A terrifying and wondrous bliss.
A cold and piercing reality
Of finding myself through her.

Laugh at me, call me mad,
Discredit all of my beliefs.
Assume you know my thoughts
And my inner demons.

Despite all that, you will not
Destroy my longing to find
The uncomfortable reality,
The unflinching truth.

I will not relinquish my right
To assert my faith in love.
As simple as it may seem,
It is the truth you know as well.

However long our demons haunt us

However long our demons haunt us,
We wake up to resume the fight.
We drink the poison, turn the hourglass,
And hope with all our strength and might.

We hope one day that we will release
The truest self we have inside.
We hope one day that we will find bliss,
And yet we fear that it has died.

So, up we go and on we struggle
To make it through another day,
In constant dread of loss and trouble.
The demons scar us on the way.

We show ourselves with trepidation.
In agony, we fight our moods.
The muse that fills us with elation
Sometimes is kind, sometimes she broods.

This battle is not for the weakest.
The sensitive have died before.
We must by no chance be the meekest,
If we stand chance to win this war.

Cold as Snow

Cold as snow,
My senses start to melt,
When I think of you.

How have I come
To love so deeply?
I hope, I pray, I want it
Not to be a dream.

This has gone far
Beyond mere fantasy.
I am enveloped by a sense
Of warmth and comfort.

It is so rare for us, humans,
To find that true connection.
Something that grounds us
Always seems beyond our reach.

Somehow I have been brought
To this brilliant, miraculous place.
A world where our existence
Is intertwined with the Divine.

A blessing and a spell have been
Cast upon us.
Our realities and dreams
Have been blended together.

I neither want to wake up,
Nor ever to fall asleep.

Searching for a refuge…

Searching for a refuge…
It is in you, God, that
I find myself.

Your warmth is something
That keeps me alive.
It keeps me sane
In times of loneliness.

My obsessions dissipate
When I pray to you.
So oftentimes I feel uneasy…

There is no reason for my

I feel like I am not giving
You my full and true
Devotion when I feel afraid.

But I am or am almost
At complete peace
When I pray to you.