We Love

We love, we break, we shout, we whisper.
So many acts we all commit.
But it is only when I kiss her,
My love turns true, not counterfeit.

The things I feel for those around me
Pale in significance, compared.
With her, I run, I fly, I live free.
My love continuously declared.

Yes, love, repeated thrice already,
It conquers, even if clichéd.
We risk it all, become unsteady.
Yet we cannot the truth evade.

I sit here, quietly explaining
To my own self, I may be mad.
And I could even be exclaiming
That I am foolish, empty, sad.

Despite it all, I keep on going.
Not letting them stand in my way.
It is her love, eternal, knowing,
That shows me I am here to stay.


Let me glorify the mystery of you,
Every time a key allows me past the lock.
When I met you, instantly I knew,
This was not by chance, not random luck.

The electric shock your hand blazed through to mine
Turned out to be salvation, pure and simple.
This touch stopped the concept of my time.
This gesture stayed a mighty symbol.

Your eyes set mine on fire, left me blinded.
Though, mercifully, you let me live and breathe.
The fire burned, and love ignited
Through my heart, above, and underneath.

The story only then began to unfold.
Ahead of us were highs and lows abundant.
The fire blazed, never to get old.
For love to reign supreme, triumphant.

Though this fire seemed obvious, transparent,
Mystery was not underestimated.
That blindness – actually a merit.
Small discoveries – celebrated.


The wise ones do not believe
That they have answers to all questions.
The happy ones have not achieved
Their joy by trying to be perfect.

Women live, they move on,
They persevere in a storm.
They are remarkable and true
To their nature.

The greatest disappointment
To their Creator is when they
Shamelessly fight each other.
What a waste of time.

Women can resist their
Occasionally clashing tendencies,
Which means that, when united,
They can conquer the world.

The wise ones do not hate their
The happy ones learn to work

Each one is unique.
Each one has her story.

A beating heart

A beating heart.
Can it survive without any
Energy to sustain it?
Can it exist in a vacuum?
I do not think so.

It needs another heartbeat
To accelerate the rhythm
With which it is pumping the blood
Through the rest of the body.

A beating heart cannot race,
But it will stop,
When the propelling force that
Motivated it suddenly
Ceases to exist.

I imagine that there is a whole
Universe of hearts that stopped
Through no fault of their own.
Should we call them broken?

A beating heart exists
Inside my chest.
It is whole because of

Isn’t it funny

Isn’t it funny when polar opposites
End up sharing the same nature?
Two opposing forces sail along
The parallel currents of
Identical core values.

The nature of physics is defied,
The law of gravity – shattered.
We do not really settle an argument
So much as we both win.
Our Universe consists of
Brilliant particles that
Make up a whole new world.

We each make a case
For what we have to say.
Yet, in the end,
We pray to the same God.

You and I cannot live
Without one another.
Even when we are tearing
Each other apart,
We do so
Fueled by an everlasting passion.

The Mystery of Hearts

The mystery of hearts,
So intricately woven.
The thrill of romance,
Burst of lust.

For what do we live,
If not a brief moment?

A burst of passion can carry
Us through the mundane sadness.
The routine is shattered
With a gentle kiss.

There is no greater sorrow than
When we are apart…
I find my soul aching for the
Slightest sign of you.

How much longer must I
Tolerate the grey solitude?

This game of hearts,
The real, beating ones.
How fearlessly we play,
Until one shatters.

The ache within my heart
Knows no limits.
Bring me back, ignite me once again
Simply by walking into the room.


How difficult it is to breathe when
You know not what to do or say.
You wish that you had known before then
Whether to stay or run away.

Unconsciously you dream of roads that
You may have taken, but forgot.
You choke then on the words that you spat
Out when loosing faith in God.

For His is only love that matters.
You now compulsively seek Him.
The devil laughs and charms and flatters.
And sadness fills you to the brim.

However long this torment lasts and
However trying is your road,
You must not weep, must not be saddened.
You will have found your new abode.

My love story

We drifted purposelessly forward,
Not knowing how or what we did.
We played some games, sill pushing onward,
With neither hope, nor love, nor need.

How quickly did we turn around though.
I with a brief touch of your hand.
You still proceeded cool, like fresh snow.
But both, inside, we knew the end.

We knew that we would touch each other,
And, knowingly, we took the risk.
For once in life we did not bother
Be cautious with a touch so brisk.

And so the fire we ignited
For one and many years to come.
We were solidified, United.
We have proceeded thence as one.

Mind you, it was refined and subtle,
As it was centuries ago.
Not any human dared to muddle
Uniqueness of the fast and slow.

A punishment beyond just painful
Could have befallen on us both.
Our witnesses were, some, disdainful,
But we, in spite them, took an oath.

What came of it was not illusion,
For we still live it every day.
Our love – the ultimate conclusion
For what we did wish, hope, and pray.